Photo Filters

Allows you to choose from a selection of photo filters on your printouts, including Full Colour, Black & White, Sepia, or Negative effect. New effects are being added all the time

Improved Greenscreen

New greenscreen algorithm allows more precise removal of greenscreen background and ability to select between using greenscreen or bluescreen backgrounds

Better drawing functionality

Allows you to set custom colours to be used in the Drawing section when signing photos and supports different brush thicknesses

Better DSLR Camera Support

Support Canon DSLR & Webcams
Supports Canon DSLR’s with no Live View function
Allows use of DSLR fully manual mode, P, AV, and TV whilst keeping Live View operational (if equipped)

Easier Page Layout Designs

Ability to drag elements into place when designing page layouts – no more having to change numbers in boxes and continuously tapping ‘Update’ to see the changes

More control over Workflows

Allows you to set animations to ‘Random’ and provides ability to connect and control external devices such as lights directly from your workflow (additional hardware may be required)

Backwards Compatible

Supports use of almost any video animations, including MP4 format, already purchased from other vendors and is backwards compatible with previous versions of the Magic Eye LED accessories

Coin Operation

Allow users to operate the photobooth on a fully automated ‘pay per use’ basis and supports pound sterling coins in denominations 50p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 (including the new 12 sided £1 coin)