Supercharge your photo booth

Are you ready to supercharge your photobooth?


Take a look at what Booth Junkie has to offer


Take a look at what Booth Junkie has to offer


Powerful features get you up running quickly

Booth Junkie is much more than simple photobooth software.


It is the Swiss Army Knife of photobooth software.


Offering a wide range of features which can be utilised and tailored to your specific needs, it really is one of the most powerful and advance software packages available

Packed with the greatest features

AI Features

AI Features

Turn your photos into eye catching creations using Booth Junkie's automatic AI Engine
See Examples

WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp Integration

Send photos instantly to your users via WhatsApp
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New Content Releases

New Content Releases

Booth Junkie is constantly releasing new content and updates - more often than any other photobooth software available
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Photo Filters

Photo Filters

Allows you to choose from a selection of photo filters on your printouts
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Powerful Workflows

Powerful Workflows

Control every aspect of the photobooth experience using the powerful Workflow Editor
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Premium Support

Premium Support

Our dedicated support team are on hand if and when you need them, and can even connect to your machine remotely to assist you in realtime
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AI Features

Apply AI Filters to your photos

Using our state of the art AI Engine, you can customise your photos however you like

Slide the circle on this image to see the effects in a funky “before and after” style.

Retouch photos in your own style

Tell the software what you want your photos to look like, and see your desires come to life

Here, we asked the software to “Make me look like a superhero

Slide the circle on this image to see the effects in a funky “before and after” style.

Swap a face for your own

One of our most sought after features – FaceSwap™


  • Select a target image
  • Take your own photo
  • Booth Junkie replaces the face

Highly desirable for the larger corporate activations

AI Online Background Removal

Gone are the days that require a bulky unattractive greenscreen backdrop

Simply take a photo, and have our AI Engine remove the background for you in real time

Simple and cost effective 'pay as you go' pricing

Our AI Features are available to all Premium/VIP users, and offer one of the most competitive pricing structures available in the industry

Check below for our current prices, or get in touch for custom bulk pricing

AI Filter

Apply AI effects to your photos
£ 0
Per Photo
  • Add custom filters
  • Adjust theme of photo
  • Enter your own prompt


Swap your face with anybody
£ 0
Per Photo
  • Ability to add your own faces
  • Transform into your favorite celebrity
  • Choose between different characters

Background Removal

Magically remove background from photos
£ 0
Per Photo
  • Remove the need for greenscreen
  • Ultra fast online processing
  • Replace background with your own

All prices are per photo, and require an active internet connection, as well as sufficient account credit

To arrange an account top up, visit your online dashboard, or click here

WhatsApp Integration

Booth Junkie was once again the first to release a revolutionary new feature for photobooths.


Users are able to enter their phone number on your photobooth and send their images directly to their device via WhatsApp – completely free.


Booth Junkie is the only photobooth software granted permission via Meta to be able to send photobooth images via WhatsApp using the official WhatsApp Business Platform.


To enable the WhatsApp feature, simply enable the messaging feature in the Sharing tab.

New Content Releases

Booth Junkie is constantly releasing new content and updates.


Whether you are in need of new templates, or are looking to freshen up your aesthetics with some fancy new animations, new content is always on hand.


Always striving to stay current and release new innovative features, Booth Junkie is always releasing new updates and feature improvements to ensure that you stay up to date with the latest demands and trends

Photo Filters

Full Colour

'Glam' Filter


Line Art

Offer a choice of photo styles

Users can easily select from a range of different photo styles, filters, and effects.

Booth Junkie comes with these built in, with more being developed constantly.

Just tap on your desired effect to apply it.


Powerful Workflows

Our robust workflows empower you to personalize and craft one-of-a-kind photo booth experiences for your users.

With the flexibility to integrate external functionalities and capabilities, take full control of LED light rings, and seamlessly manage Phidget control boards.

Empower yourself to design unforgettable experiences. Booth Junkie put you in the driver’s seat of creativity.


Premium Support

Booth Junkie offers premium support to subscribers with access to expert technicians.

Our team is knowledgeable about the software, offering prompt and thorough assistance to ensure uninterrupted functionality of your photobooths during events.

Premium subscribers receive priority access to updates and new features, and every new licence includes 12 months Premium Subscription

With Booth Junkie’s premium support, users can trust they are always covered to deliver amazing experiences.

No other software offers you more

Booth Junkie licences last the lifetime of the machine. But, some features require a Premium package added to your account.
All new Booth Junkie licences include 12 months Premium package as standard, meaning you can make the most of what we have to offer.
You can optionally renew your Premium package at any time, in order to continue using the premium features listed below.
Feature list
  • Compatible for all types of photobooth

    Booth Junkie is designed to work for every type of photobooth, whether it be a traditional enclosed booth, a selfie pod, or a magic mirror

  • Supports Canon DSLR

    Booth Junkie supports most Canon DSLR cameras, and we are always adding support for more. Take a look at our current list of compatible cameras

  • Supports Webcam

    Connect your favorite webcam, or use a built in webcam on your device, and you're pretty much good to go. We support all cameras which follow the popular UVC protocol

  • Greenscreen

    Supports chromakeying using a greenscreen

  • Bluescreen

    Supports chromakeying using a bluescreen

  • Supports Filters

    Apply different photo filters and effects, and allow the user to choose their favorite. Some filters require a Premium Package

  • Customizable screen & templates

    Control and customise every aspect of the user experience and apply a different template, overlay, or animation specific to each event

  • Built in Slideshow

    Connect a 2nd screen to your machine, and have the photobooths event photos displayed on it in real time

  • External Device Control

    Control external devices using either the PacDrive, or the ever popular Phidget collection. Booth Junkie is also compatible for our own hardware such as the Original USB Animated LED Ring Light, and the Remote Key Fob

  • Draw over entire photo

    Offer the choice of signing your photo and placing it in a predetermined position, or, allow users to draw over the entire photo

  • Sign your photos

    Use your finger (or a mouse) to sign your name, draw a smiley face, or doodle a crown on your head. Then the software converts your creation into a neon drawing!

  • Allow multiple people to sign

    No need to have users wait impatiently for each other to finish - multiple people can sign and draw on a touchscreen at the same time!

  • Neon Drawing Effect

    Automagically change your drawing and signature to give it a neon effect

  • Custom signature colors

    Being one of the most customisable software packages available, of course we had to make sure that you could change the colours used to draw your signature and doodles.

  • Emoji Support

    Add some emojis, stickers, and stamps to your photo creations

  • Print to multiple printers

    Being able to print to different printers ensures that you can print to various media sizes during each session

  • Preview photo before signing

    Allow users to see their photo in all it's glory in full screen mode

  • Drag & Drop screen layout

    Move animations and buttons around on the screen just by dragging them and fully customise the appearance of the software

  • Supports major video formats

    Add animations in the industry standard MP4 format, or almost any other popular format you can think of

  • Remote Key Fob

    Control your photobooth wirelessly, using a Remote Key Fob that you can keep in your pocket or on your keys

  • Animated Lock Screen

    Lock your booth at the touch of a button, or by using our Remote Key Fob, and prevent the booth being used again until you are ready to unlock it

  • AI Features *

    Apply AI effects to photos and transform them in a way never seen before. Take a photo of a user, and have Booth Junkie render them as a real life doll, or superhero. The possibilities are endless.

    * All AI features require the purchase of AI credits

  • AI Background Removal *

    No more need for carrying a cumbersome greenscreen with you! AI Background Removal will anything in the background that is not the subject, and remove it for you automagically!

    * All AI features require the purchase of AI credits

  • Send via WhatsApp for free

    Users can send their photo directly to their WhatsApp number, for no additional charge per message.

  • Send via SMS for free

    Users can send their photo directly to their mobile device via SMS, for no additional charge per message.

  • Online Cloud Gallery (Microsite)

    Allows photos to be uploaded to an online album, unique to each event, so users are able to scroll through all event photos and share them. Can also be used in conjunction with a sharing station

  • Send Via Email

    Allow users to delivery their photos directly to the mailbox. You can customise the email message, and the sender ID if you choose to.

  • Upload photos to OneDrive

    Automatically sync your event photos to your OneDrive account

  • Upload photos to Google Drive

    Automatically sync your event photos to your Google Drive

  • Upload photos to DropBox

    Automatically sync your event photos to your DropBox folder

  • Users can share to Facebook

    Guest can use the Online Gallery to view their photo, and then are able to share it to Facebook with the click of a button

  • Auto Facebook Upload

    Booth Junkie can automatically upload photos directly to an Album owned by a Facebook Page.
    This feature is governed by Meta, and as such, their own terms and it's available is governed by them.

  • Upload image to FTP

    Queue all images to be sent to an FTP server for backup and storage

  • Includes template updates

    Booth Junkie regularly releases new content, including new templates and overlays, free for all users who have a current Premium Package

  • Includes animation updates

    Booth Junkie regularly releases new content, including new animations, free for all users who have a current Premium Package

  • Compatible with payment modules

    Connect a 3rd party payment module, such as Nayax, and charge users to use the photobooth

  • FREE lifetime updates & support

    Booth Junkie receives constant updates and new features.
    These updates are pushed out to all users with a Premium Package, ensuring you have the very latest technology at your disposal