Touchscreen Repair

Magic Mirror Photobooth replacement touchscreen repair

The majority of photobooths utilise a touchscreen of some description. Sometimes, these touchscreens can fail, whether it be due to negligence, accidents, or simply end of service life.
Some of these touchscreens are built into the displays, and some of them, such as those used on the mirror style photobooths, use a complex array of infrared LED transmitters which can eventually fail over time.

Booth Junkie is able to offer a repair and replacement service for most touchscreen devices.

Initially, we will check to see what has failed on your touchscreen device, as if possible, will repair the original touchscreen and perform a 16 point calibration to ensure the consistent accuracy of the device.

If a repair is not possible, our warehouses located in Hertfordshire are fully equipped to remove your touchscreen and replace it with a new 10 point touch system.

Once a new touch system has been installed, we carry out the same 16 point touch calibration on the device to ensure it consistently and accurately reports the touch to your machine.

In order to diagnose, repair, or replace your touchscreen, you can make an appointment to bring your equipment to our Hertfordshire warehouses, where our support team will undertake the works required and arrange a time for you to collect the equipment.

We usually ask for a 24 hour period to complete the works in their entirety, but it is usually possible in most instances to drop the equipment to us and collect it again later that day.

A short 2 minute walk from our offices will reveal Hertford’s high street, containing plenty of entertainment venues, restaurants, and cafes to grab some breakfast or lunch, whilst a 15 minute drive will lead you to Hertfordshire’s famous Hatfield Galleria shopping outlet.

We are also able to replace the entire glass system on the ‘Magic Mirror’ variety of photobooths, all completed at the same Hertford warehouses.

For traditional Oval photobooth touchscreen systems, please see our online shop to check stock levels and order a replacement touchscreen system to be shipped directly to you.

Touchscreen replacement starts from £325 – contact us now now for more details
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