v6.0.0.653 – 28th December 2021

  • The Template Editor (print layout) will now prevent accidental repositioning of the image when clicking the preview
  • The Template Editor (print layout) will now allow you to enter a width and height value which starts with the digit ‘1’, without having re-enter or modify it.
  • Fixed issue where the sound effect played on the first line of Workflow 1 would be ignored if certain settings were incorrect
  • Time to render photo output (when displaying the ‘neon loading’ animation has been reduced.
  • Software will now be able to detect the Image Quality setting on the camera, and change to the correct setting if required
  • Software will now detect the Windows Scaling Factor and warn if it is incorrect
  • Fixed issue which could cause the software to freeze when Saving a workflow.
  • Fixed issue with Social Upload Queue which would cause the queue to remain blank, despite uploads needing to be uploaded still.
  • Message boxes have all been replaced with new ones, which offer more information, including links to the Knowledgebase and scannable QR code if an errors occurs, so that users can self diagnose any issues that they encounter.
  • Web pages built in software will now attempt to reload, if a lack of camera input has caused them to stop.