Our free gift for all trial users

We understand that during lockdown, idle thumbs can begin to twitch.
We also understand that people like good films, chocolate, and free gifts.

Our gift to you? BoothJunkie have reset *all* trial licences, allowing users to retrial the software for an additional 30 days – an entire extra month to play with the latest photobooth software available.

Sound good? Great!
But why are you still reading this? Go download your trial from https://www.boothjunkie.co.uk

COVID-19 photobooth lockdown sale

Doesnt time fly, when you’re on lockdown? 

There are just 10 days left of our lockdown sale – use this time to upgrade your photobooth business and stand out from the crowd once the lockdown is lifted.

All premium users have received a FREE 2 month extension to their subscription, and we also have up to 40% savings across the store, including software licences, premium renewal, transfers, light rings, key fobs, and wireless print servers.

Take a look around the store and see if you can spot yourself a bargain in time.


What BoothJunkie is doing to help in the fight against COVID-19

In light of these difficult times that our customers are facing, as of 16th April, until 30th April, BoothJunkie will be offering up to 20% discount on products available on the online store, including new Booth Junkie licences, and premium subscriptions.

With the current global situation, now is the perfect opportunity to use this free time to expand your brand and upgrade your equipment, ready for when the surge of bookings start to rush in.

In addition, any customers who had a valid premium subscription on 20th March 2020, will be receiving a 2 month extension on their premium subscription.
This will take effect this week and will show on your software and members dashboard on the website.

Send your photo booth images via WhatsApp for free

Booth Junkie has once again been the first to release a revolutionary new feature for photobooths.

You are now able to allow users to enter their phone number on your photobooth and send their images directly to their device via WhatsApp – completely free.

This new feature has been in the works for for over 13 months, and after a lot of hard work and testing, we are now able to offer this highly sought after feature to all of our premium subscribers.

To enable the WhatsApp feature, simply enable the messaging feature in the Sharing tab.

Booth Junkie V5 – Feature showcase

We have been working hard these last few months to bring you some amazing new updates and features to the Booth Junkie software for your mirror and photobooths.

Below is a sneak preview of what is to come in the all new Booth Junkie V5!


Disclaimer Option
When sending a photo via SMS or Email, you now have the option to display a disclaimer (or any other message), asking the user to consent to their photo being uploaded to a secure server in order to be sent via SMS and/or Email.

You can customise the message, as well as enable or disable the message, by opening the Admin Panel and selecting the “Sharing” tab, followed by the “Disclaimer” tab.


Copy event to USB
You can now copy all of your event photos directly to a USB memory stick from within the software.

This will clean up any unneeded files from the software and copy everything to the memory stick in it’s own folder ready for the customer, or even for your own backup.

You can find this new feature in the “Options” tab inside the Admin Panel.


Licencing Status
You can now view all of your licensing information, including the type of licence that you have, the expiry of your licence (if applicable), and the expiry of your support pack and/or premium features.

This will be shown at the bottom of the “Options” tab in the Admin Panel.


Print Settings
The print settings have now been moved to their own tab under the “Options” tab of the Admin Panel.This allows new print options to be made available, details of which, will be listed below.


Enable Printing
This allows you to control whether or not you want to offer printing to your guests.

This may seem obvious to some, but for those who want to offer a digital only option with BoothJunkie, this feature is going to be used a lot by you.


Allow User To Select How Many Prints
A lot of users have asked for this feature, so we are very excited to release this one.Enabling this option will allow your guests to select how many copies of the photo they would like to print.

This is very handy if you offer a print per person, as the guests can enter how many of them would like a print and get the exact right amount.

You can control the maximum amount of prints allowed in any one session by changing the “Maximum prints per session” option on this page.


Print Double Strips
Enabling this option will take the 2×6 strip from the software, and duplicate it side by side into a 4×6 sheet, allowing most printers to be able to cut a single sheet of 4×6 media in half, resulting in the same image on both halves.

This option should be used for anybody using the Mitsubishi range of printers, including the CPD70DW and CPD80DW printers, amongst others.


Always Print 1 Extra Copy
Using this option, the software will always send 1 additional copy to the printer, which is useful for when offering a guestbook with your services.

No matter how many prints are requested by the users, the software will always print you just one additional copy using this feature.


Primera IP60 Support
With these new settings now being introduced, we are happy to announce that any of our users who are also using the Primer Impressa IP60 printer, can now print just one single 2×6 strip print, without the printer trying to, or having to, print an additional copy.

Depending on your print layout settings and paper orientation, you may find that you need to also enable to “Reverse Orientation” setting on this page in order for the prints to be printed correctly by the printer.


Use Legacy LV
We have removed the option of switching between Legacy Live View mode and Modern Live View modes on the Selection Screen.

This will hopefully eliminate any issues with the Live View screen not rendering correctly on some computers and will make the entire experience much more user friendly.


Better Live View quality and Webcam support
In addition to the new Live View changes, we have rebuilt the webcam libraries too which results in a much cleaner, smoother live view capture for those of you using webcams, especially in pods or on Windows tablets.


New Print Layout changes
We have made a few very subtle changes to the Print Layout editor, most of which you will not notice, but the biggest change which may catch your eye, are the new numbers which appear on the image placeholders, indicating which image is which – very handy when designing multi shot printouts.

We have also changed the image placeholder from grey to blue, which makes it easier to see exactly where the image is against the canvas.


Random animations
Another feature which we kept on promising, was to support random animations.

In the workflow editor, you will notice that when selecting an animation, you will now see a tick box next to each one.

With this, you can tick as many (or as few) animation files as you wish, and each time the software runs that line, it will pick a random animation from the selection that you have made.

This way, no two sessions have to be the same and you can offer a range of different animations at any point during the user experience for your guests.


Brand new DSLR Camera controls
Our last update see the introduction of the new “External Flash Mode” feature, which allowed users to offer a Live View when shooting with a manual exposure and using a flash/strobe light.

This time around, we have beefed the entire thing up. You can now see from within the “Camera” tab exactly what settings are dialled into the camera, as well as the shooting/exposure mode on the dial.

Even better, you can now also change those settings from within the software itself (with the exception of the physical dial), and even set the software to automatically override the camera settings just before each shot – this is something which would be very handy if your staff team members accidentally adjust the camera settings whilst setting up their event and are not sure what they have changed.


Extra animation and template downloads
We will be adding a new collection of animations, sound effects, and templates to our download library.

You can access this by navigating to the “Add Files” tab, and then the “Catalogue” tab in the Admin Panel.

We have also added some minor tweaks and bug fixes to the software, which as usual, will pave the way for some more exciting features which we are still developing for the software.


Stay tuned and keep your eyes out for more news shortly!

BoothPrint – The Wireless Photobooth Print Server for iPad booths

We have a little secret to share with you all…

We would like to publicly announce our latest accessory to be entered into the photobooth industry.

Our new Booth Print – the Wireless Photobooth Print Server.
Booth Print will allow you to convert your existing printers into fully AirPrint compatible devices – meaning that you can print to them from your favourite iPad based photobooth app, and even your iPhone devices.

Right now, BoothPrint only supports around 3500+ different models of printer…..
Now we know that you may have hoped that it supports more, but that is a lot of printers…we wouldn’t have any more storage space to keep them!

The best part about Booth Print though, is that it will let you use the printer on your device and simultaneously let you access the internet!
No more having to disconnect printers at the end of the event and reconnect to a WiFi connection to upload your social shares.

What really sets BoothPrint light years ahead, is that it is a simple plug and play device – just connect your printer and BoothPrint takes care of the rest for you.
No more configuring obscure drivers or making changes to scary looking settings.

Oh, and yet another cool little feature on BoothPrint, is that it has its own contactless microchip embedded inside of it. This really clever little chip, means you can ‘tap’ against the BoothPrint and the device will automatically connect to it without needing to enter long complicated passwords.

BoothPrint has been undergoing lots of test this year from different suppliers in the photobooth industry and was showcased at one of the recent annual photobooth social meetups, where it was put through its paces.
After a final bit of tweaking and making everything look all pretty – it’s finally available to everyone! Yay!

We will be continually adding new features an updates to BoothPrint – which can be automatically downloaded by the device itself without interrupting the use of the printers.

You can purchase your very own BoothPrint right now for £295.00 – more information can be found at https://www.BoothPrint.co.uk

Upload photo booth images directly to Facebook

We have some fantastic news to share with you all 

Booth Junkie have now been fully authorised as Facebook Developers and has been granted to required permissions to upload images directly to Facebook from within the Booth Junkie software again.

It has been a long, drawn out process which we have been enduring since August 2018.
There have been many hoops to jump through, lots of agreements and document signing, and lots of back and forth, but everything is now in motion.

Being able to upload directly to Facebook is a big feature that a majority of corporate clients often request when booking a photo booth, and can also be used to help self promote your business as an avenue of free advertising and showcasing your services.

Head over to the “Sharing > Facebook Upload” tab on Booth Junkie to begin automatically sharing your images directly to Facebook.

Major photobooth manufacturer copies Booth Junkie product

It is phenomenal the amount of love our customers and the industry has for Booth Junkie.
We have hundreds of used who have left what may be considered the ‘best’ photo booth software in the market, and have invested in the Booth Junkie software to rival and replace their previous software.

However…we have tonight been overwhelmed by some of these users contacting us to point out that their previous photo booth software developers have now announced the upcoming release of a ‘new’ remote fob product – one which appears to be an identical copy of our innovative product design and built by ourselves.

Rest assured, our original Remote Fobs will continue to be made available to everybody and will continue to support multiple booth and mirror software, such as SB, DRB, FM/MM, DSLRB, and of course, our very own Booth Junkie software.

Let’s hope that other software developers look to do the same and try to follow in our footsteps too as we lead the way to the latest photo booth industry products and accessories.

Happy Boothing

New template Import and Export feature

NEW Animations
NEW Sound effects
NEW Print Templates
NEW Template Import & Export

You can now download the latest update for Booth Junkie which includes all of the above.

A new experimental feature allows you to quickly design a template, and then export it out of the software, ready to share with other users, or simply import onto another machine.

This allows you to design your templates on your main work computer or laptop running a trial copy of the software, and then have the power to import it onto your main licenced machine, without the need to have to set up your booth every time. A real time saver!

This is still an experimental feature, and as such, it has only been enabled on the Single Shot Print Layout screen.

If you have any issues with these new features, please post in the Booth Junkie Support Group or simply raise a support ticket.

Happy Boothing