Major photobooth manufacturer copies Booth Junkie product

It is phenomenal the amount of love our customers and the industry has for Booth Junkie.
We have hundreds of used who have left what may be considered the ‘best’ photo booth software in the market, and have invested in the Booth Junkie software to rival and replace their previous software.

However…we have tonight been overwhelmed by some of these users contacting us to point out that their previous photo booth software developers have now announced the upcoming release of a ‘new’ remote fob product – one which appears to be an identical copy of our innovative product design and built by ourselves.

Rest assured, our original Remote Fobs will continue to be made available to everybody and will continue to support multiple booth and mirror software, such as SB, DRB, FM/MM, DSLRB, and of course, our very own Booth Junkie software.

Let’s hope that other software developers look to do the same and try to follow in our footsteps too as we lead the way to the latest photo booth industry products and accessories.

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New template Import and Export feature

NEW Animations
NEW Sound effects
NEW Print Templates
NEW Template Import & Export

You can now download the latest update for Booth Junkie which includes all of the above.

A new experimental feature allows you to quickly design a template, and then export it out of the software, ready to share with other users, or simply import onto another machine.

This allows you to design your templates on your main work computer or laptop running a trial copy of the software, and then have the power to import it onto your main licenced machine, without the need to have to set up your booth every time. A real time saver!

This is still an experimental feature, and as such, it has only been enabled on the Single Shot Print Layout screen.

If you have any issues with these new features, please post in the Booth Junkie Support Group or simply raise a support ticket.

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New stock just in!

Busy day today! Yes – we know it’s a Sunday, but we’ve been putting in some new stock for you lovely lot, and putting together some very special discounts and promotions.

New LED Rings, Prop Holders, Remote Fobs, and of course our one of a kind Photo Booth Software packed with premium features, is waiting for you over on our website to try out.


New product launched! Our unique Remote Key Fobs

We have some exciting news today.

We are pleased to announce that Booth Junkie has once again designed a product not yet seen in the photo booth industry.

Please take a look at our brand new Wireless Remote Key Fobs.

This little device fits perfectly on your keys, or in your pocket, and will allow you to control your photo booth remotely, without needing any user interaction.

And something which makes this device truly special, is it will work with practically most other photobooth software, such as FotoMaster, Breeze, Social Booth, Sparkbooth, and DSLR Booth.
Unfortunately, the remote fob does not currently work with the Photobooth UK magic mirror software

Better still, if you are using the Booth Junkie software, you have even more control options available to you!

Head on over to our online store to place your order today.

We only have one batch available at the moment for the release, which are being sold at cost price, so please do be quick.

Once stock has been depleted, we will be accepting back orders, although there will be a slight backlog on these orders and the price is subject to change.

Remote Control Fob Kit


Brand new features – Text overlay, SMS, and Key fobs

New features have just been added to Booth Junkie 🙂

You are now able to overlay custom text on the Print Layout screen – perfect for those who do not want to use Photoshop to design their templates.

You can now send photos via SMS for FREE, and you can ALSO have the messages sent from your company name instead of a phone number 🙂

There is a new section in the Options to configure keyboard shortcuts as well as program a Remote Key Fob to control your booth or mirror remotely. Keyfobs will be available from our website shortly.

Download your free copy today or buy your lifetime licence on our store.

Booth Junkie Licence

Booth Junkie now being offered by 3 major photo booth manufacturers

We now have 3 photobooth manufacturers using Booth Junkie on their machines, with some very kind feedback as well from ?

If you did miss out on the discounts, you can still get your hands on a copy of the software – anybody who is still unsure about switching, or wants to see exactly why so many photobooth companies have decided that Booth Junkie is the ideal solution for their business, go ahead and download the free lifetime trial from

Give us a shout via our Facebook Page (Booth Junkie) or our websites Live Chat feature, and we will even connect to your machine and set everything up for you if you are unsure.

Full lifetime licences available from

Booth Junkie WordPress Galleries

We are pleased to announce a brand new feature available on Booth Junkie – a breakthrough for the photobooth industry!

Booth Junkie is the very first photobooth software ever, to allow your photos to be shown directly on your WordPress website in real time.

Simply download and install our plugin from the WordPress Plugins directory and have your event photos show on your website with their own thumbnail and gallery.

More information and download links can be found at

Booth Junkie to atten The Photo Booth Show in Europe

Today, we announce some exciting news. Booth Junkie will be attending The Photo Booth Show this October 15th & 16th 2018.

The Photo Booth Show is the place to be, for existing photo booth industry professionals and new starters, or even if you’ve got an interest in Photo Booths or considering investing in one.

Dedicated to showcasing the best in the Photo Booth Industry, with stands from manufacturers, software providers, accessories and other associated industries.

Where else can you see and meet the best in the industry all in the same room?

Giving current and potential Photo Booth Owners, Event Industry Suppliers, DJ’s, Venue Management, Entertainment Providers and more, access to view the latest product, services and industry innovations all under one roof.

Also giving unprecedented access to industry colleagues from around the UK and further afield to network and engage socially.

Launched in 2017, the annual show is moving to Leicester from 2018, independent to any individual product or business, intended to be a focus for both business and social interaction.

Looking forward to seeing you all there at #PBShow