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We are pleased to announce that Booth Junkie has once again designed a product not yet seen in the photobooth industry.

This little device fits perfectly on your keys, or in your pocket, and will allow you to contol your photobooth remotely, without needing any user interaction.

And something which makes this device truly special, is it will work with practically most other photobooth software, such as FotoMaster, Breeze, Social Booth, Sparkbooth, and DSLR Booth.
Unfortunately, the remote fob does not currently work with thr Photobooth UK magic mirror software

Better still, if you are using the Booth Junkie software, you have even more control options available to you!

This nifty little gadget comes in two parts – simply plug the control box into your Windows based machine using the supplied USB cable, and then attach the remote fob to your keyring, or simply keep in your pocket.

After installing the supplied software, you can configure what you would like each of the 4 buttons on the remote fob to do.

Simply configure your desired keyboard shortcut (for example, CTRL R to reprint another photo in Breeze, or F1 to open the Options menu in SocialBooth) and press the button on the fob to perform that action.

The standalone programming software can be downloaded by clicking here

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