BoothPrint – The Wireless Photobooth Print Server for iPad booths

We have a little secret to share with you all…

We would like to publicly announce our latest accessory to be entered into the photobooth industry.

Our new Booth Print – the Wireless Photobooth Print Server.
Booth Print will allow you to convert your existing printers into fully AirPrint compatible devices – meaning that you can print to them from your favourite iPad based photobooth app, and even your iPhone devices.

Right now, BoothPrint only supports around 3500+ different models of printer…..
Now we know that you may have hoped that it supports more, but that is a lot of printers…we wouldn’t have any more storage space to keep them!

The best part about Booth Print though, is that it will let you use the printer on your device and simultaneously let you access the internet!
No more having to disconnect printers at the end of the event and reconnect to a WiFi connection to upload your social shares.

What really sets BoothPrint light years ahead, is that it is a simple plug and play device – just connect your printer and BoothPrint takes care of the rest for you.
No more configuring obscure drivers or making changes to scary looking settings.

Oh, and yet another cool little feature on BoothPrint, is that it has its own contactless microchip embedded inside of it. This really clever little chip, means you can ‘tap’ against the BoothPrint and the device will automatically connect to it without needing to enter long complicated passwords.

BoothPrint has been undergoing lots of test this year from different suppliers in the photobooth industry and was showcased at one of the recent annual photobooth social meetups, where it was put through its paces.
After a final bit of tweaking and making everything look all pretty – it’s finally available to everyone! Yay!

We will be continually adding new features an updates to BoothPrint – which can be automatically downloaded by the device itself without interrupting the use of the printers.

You can purchase your very own BoothPrint right now for £295.00 – more information can be found at