How do I use an I-PAC board? KB161

Booth Junkie has been designed to work with as much 3rd party hardware as possible, including I-PAC controller from Ultimark.

To use the I-PAC, please make sure that you connect it to your machine using a USB cable before you launch Booth Junkie.

In the WORKFLOW tabs, select the workflow you wish to use the I-PAC with – Single shot or Multishot.

Now decide at which step you want to control the I-PAC.

Select FUNCTION and then IPAC then choose either PORT X ON or PORT X OFF, where ‘X’ is the port number on the I-PAC board that your device is connected to.

The I-PAC should now activate and/or deactivate at the chosen times.

If you are using a mirror type photobooth, and using the I-PAC to control some type of LED to have the user look into the camera lens, it is best practice to turn off the LED before you trigger the camera to take a photo, otherwise the LED’s may reflect off the inside of the glass and appear in the photos.