Setting up FaceSwap for the first time KB24853

Booth Junkie utilises it’s own exclusive AI engine, which is constantly being developed and is self learning, as well as being exclusive to Booth Junkie Premium users.

Starting from BoothJunkie v8, all premium users will have access to the AI Engine, including the FaceSwap™ feature.

To use FaceSwap™, you load a premade image into Booth Junkie (a ‘source’ image), and guests are then able to take a photo of themselves, and have Booth Junkie change the face on the source image, to that of the person using the booth. The source image will then be shown with just the face replaced.


In order to enable FaceSwap™, you must have the following:

  • An active internet connection
  • An active Premium/VIP subscription
  • Available balance preloaded onto your account


Adding FaceSwap™ to your workflow

To add FaceSwap™ to your workflow, you need to add a “FaceSwap” action to your chosen workflow, and then use the dropdown box to select which images you want to make available to the user.
Here is an example workflow for Singleshot mode, with FaceSwap added as the first action (the top line in the workflow).


Adding new FaceSwap™ photos

Booth Junkie will periodically release new FaceSwap source images, and providing that you have a valid internet connection and a valid Premium/VIP subscription when they are released, the software will ask if you would like to automatically download and install them

You can add your own source photos into Booth Junkie, using the Add Files tab in the Admin Panel and selecting the following Add Face Swap button:


Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of the FaceSwap™ feature

  • Offer a selection of both male and female faces
  • Have the user choose a face shape and style which closely matches their own
  • Only have one person in both the source image, and the photo that is taken
  • Look directly at the camera – do not try to replicate the stance of the source photo or the direction they are facing
  • Avoid holding any props, or obscuring the face with any hats or glasses etc