Can I use Booth Junkie on more than one machine? KB151

The licence key is automatically generated by the computer itself, not by the software.
Because of this, a seperate licence is required for each machine that you wish to use Booth Junkie on.

This ensures that licence keys cannot be stolen from customers and used inappropriately, but also allows the licencing system to work in locations and venues where no internet connection is available.

If you would like to use the software on a backup machine, you are able to install the software onto the backup and use it as a trial version – which will be fully operational for 7 continuous days. This allows you to carry out and complete a booking, should you need to switch machines whilst at an event due to hardware failure.

The licence key is also linked to your own account, which can be accessed via our website and will give you access to all of your photos, and social galleries, also allowing you to customise them and have an overview of which machines and licences you have, as well as the machine details to see how each computer/booth/mirror is operating compared to other.