Automatically posting to Facebook KB631

Booth Junkie can automatically post your event photos to a Facebook Album belonging to a Facebook Page.

To enable this feature, open the Admin Panel and navigate to the Social Upload tab, followed by the Facebook Upload Tab.

Enable the green slider, and click on the Reauthorise Facebook button and a Facebook login dialog should load up.

Log in to Facebook using a Facebook account which is an admin of the Facebook page that you wish to post to.

The Facebook Page dropdown box should now populate with a list of your Facebook Pages associated with that account. If this does not happen, click on Reauthorise Facebook again to grant permission for Booth Junkie to connect to your Facebook Pages.

Select your desired Facebook Page from the dropdown box.

The Facebook Album dropdown box will now populate with a list of the Facebook Albums associated with that Facebook Page.

To use an existing Facebook Album, select it from the list, or enter the name for a new Facebook Album in the textbox provided and click on Create.

Booth Junkie will now post all photos to that Facebook Album.