“Insufficient credit available” KB24739

AI Background removal requires the use of credits.

The cost of each credit changes, and is currently as follows:

AI Background Removal £0.12
AI Prompt Filter £0.15
AI FaceSwap™ £0.18

As an example, if you use Booth Junkie to generate an image with an AI Prompt filter applied, and also have the background removed for the same image at the same time, this would cost the price of both AI Prompt Filter and AI Background Removal.

We always recommend checking, as these prices are subject to change without notice, depending on the current demand at the time


Your Wallet is linked to your Booth Junkie account, and is used across all licences attached to your account.

Each full licence is given a set amount of free credit when first used, and you can top up your wallet manually, or setup an automatic top up (recommended).


Wallet Auto Top-up

Auto Top-up allows you to automatically top-up your wallet when your wallet balance falls below a specified threshold value.

– To set up Auto Top-up, navigate to ‘My Account’ and select the option labelled ‘Auto Top-up’.

– You can now select the amount for Auto Top-up and the threshold amount.

– After entering the amount, you will have two options,

  1. You can pay the Top-up amount and authorize future Auto Top-up
  2. Or you can authorize future Auto Top-up without making any payment

– Once the authorization is complete, funds will be added to your Booth Junkie account whenever the wallet balance falls below your specified threshold.