12 Month VIP Premium Renewal


If you have your Booth Junkie Licence Key, please enter it here. This can be found on the loading screen or in the Admin Panel of your software.

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Booth Junkie includes a plethora off different features built into it, including SMS messaging, sending photos via email, as our online microsite/photo gallery.

If you wish to continue using these premium features, you will need to renew your Support and Premium package after the first 12 months.

A list of all premium features can be seen by clicking here 

As well as renewing your support package, included in the Premium Subscription is access to our built in Download Library which includes a range of new animations, printout templates and artwork, sounds effects and new games to add to your Booth Junkie software and give a whole new experience to each event.

Please ensure that your licence key is entered into the box above when placing your order to renew your premium services without any disruption.

Your licence key can be found in the Admin Panel on Booth Junkie, as well as on the splash screen when the software is launching, or in your members area on the Booth Junkie website.

Please note, the included support package is only valid if your machine meets the recommended minimum requirements listed on the download page.
It is also important to note that the support package is intended for identifying and where possible, rectifying software issues only.
Premium/VIP/Support packages do not entitle users to have our support team configure equipment, events, animations, camera settings, or touch screen systems for them.

Whilst our support team may be able to offer assistance with these issues, and in most cases are happy to assist, there may be an additional charge payable before support is offered for them.