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This animated LED Light Ring is the perfect addition to any photobooth.

When used with your photobooth or mirror software, you could activate these LED’s just as the camera captures a photo which encourages the users to look directly into the camera lens and capture the look of excitement and wonder in their faces.

This photo booth LED Light Ring is simply plug and play, ready to go – no additional hardware or relay board is required, just enable the LED Light ring in your software settings page and watch your guests faces show the excitement.

Works with mirrors and booths and compatible with the following software:

– FotoMaster Mirror Me
– Booth Junkie
– DSLRBooth
– PBUK Mirror
– Darkroom Booth 3
– SocialBooth
– Breeze DSLR Remote Pro

Attaching the LED Light Ring

The ring can be simply clipped directly onto your camera lens using its unique mounting system. This will allow for quick and easy install and removal.

Programming the LED Light Ring

The LED Light Ring can be programmed by yourself in just 3 easy steps:

1 – Connect LED Light Ring to your computer.
2 – Open the programming software.
3 – Click an animation to program it.

This allows you to select from a selection of predefined animations included in the LED Light Ring to match your events style or theme.

Further Information

Internal diameter: 72mm
External diameter: 86mm
Colour: Black

The programming software can be downloaded by clicking here

The quick start guide can be downloaded by clicking here

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  1. Kristofor Green (verified owner)

    When it comes it looks Fragile, so you may want to look at securing it to something. I’m having mine hot glued into a lens hood, but various ways to do it.

    When it comes to setting up it is fantastic. With PB mirror software there’s a little setting up but the instructions cover it in great detail. I’m testing out booth junkies mirror software and with that it just works like a dream.

    It’s so nice to not have to say a few hundred times a night the cameras here and the effects look so cool looking forward to seeing some the other new combos.

    As for the software it’s simple to download and very simple to use. Don’t leave it running in the background, with mirror software as the ring won’t work with the mirror then.

    Totally worth the money.

  2. nick hand (verified owner)

    i use a photo booths SE mirror with an external flash i found that i was getting a slight reflection from the internal perspex mirror

    to combat this i have mounted my ring light onto a piece of hard plastic (mounted with Velcro for easy removal)
    similar to the skins material it measures 20 x 15 cm , it hold’s the ring light (mounted with small cable ties)and also the software box is on the plastic base plate with Velcro a very compact and secure method if you dont want to use it on your camera lens

    the USB cable is sufficient to reach from the top of my mirror frame to the bottom where the PC is located

    the initial set up and download has easy to follow and has worked very well with photo booths software

    also i am looking forward to not having to explain where the camera is it will be really easy for any customer to work out where it is now

    bonus for today a new add on for the software has been uploaded and gives the user more options

    in my opinion a must have for any mirror operators good value for money and a speedy delivery

  3. Kirsty Hammond (verified owner)

    Love this LED ring there so many animations you can use. It’s great when you don’t have to explain a thousand times to your guests where the camera is. Well worth the money.
    Can’t wait for the new software it’s looks fab and so many different options.
    Would definitely recommend this product.

  4. Sam Tyler

    Love the light ring! So easy to install and customize plus looks great!

  5. Scott Davidson (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed to get folk to look at the camera.
    Works a treat easy install and adds a bit of sparkle to my mirror ?

  6. (verified owner)

    I consider this my “dog whistle” for booth guest. 90% of the people love to look at themselves in the LiveView screen rather than looking into the camera lens. This motion ring makes this look up and saves our booth attendant from repeating “look up here” a million times a night.

  7. Marc (verified owner)

    Great LED ring! Simply awesome and looks great! Must have. Also the support is great and helps extremely fast and competently!

  8. Nathan (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with LED Ring, support is helpful. Thanks so much

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