ELO 19″ Photobooth Touch Screen for Oval Booth


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This style of touchscreen monitor is used in a majority of oval/traditional style photobooths.

Many photobooths use the Chinese clones of this model, so this is an ideal replacement if your touch screen monitor is suddenly powering off during events, or has a flickering black screen, or if the touch is now unresponsive/erroneous.

These are genuine refurbished and fully tested Elo touchscreens, which have a much longer service life, and have a much wider viewing angle compared to the models installed in photobooths at the factory, meaning you no longer need to look directly in front of the screen to be able to see it.

The screens support USB and RS232 communication, and for video input they require a VGA connection.
They are also compatible with the OSD Remote (available separately)

Monitor dimensions Width: 16.3” (415 mm); Height: 13.5” (343 mm); Depth: 2.0” (51 mm)